Our mission is to create and sustain healthy lands and healthy communities. We work locally, regionally, and nationally to develop innovative approaches to land stewardship, economic development and community resilience. Through collaboration with communities, partner organizations, public agencies and businesses, we are implementing land stewardship, creating jobs and fostering development, and building new foundations to connect people to the land and each other.

This year our work…

teen_100pxReached more than 200 youth
jobs_100pxProvided 40 living wage jobs
mountainRestored more than 574 acres of land
prevention_100pxAchieved over 450 acres of prescribed fire restoration
trails_100pxMaintained 180 miles of trails in our National Forests
networking_100pxEngaged more than 101 communities across the nation in service of our mission

Our work creates jobs, supports rural economic growth, restores land and water, and invests in the health of rural communities at home, across California, and nationwide. Check out these projects to see how we are putting our mission into action: