Need work done on your property? The Watershed Center employs a full range of natural resource management professionals that can help you reach your goals. From planning, modeling, and compliance, to implementation and monitoring, our staff can help you every step of the way.

We have a registered professional forester, experienced prescribed fire and field crews, and water and roads experts on staff. Our reliable, professional crews are available at reasonable rates and we often have grant funding that can offset or reduce the cost of work. If you’re interested in getting work done on your property, call us today!

Technical Forestry Services:

We offer Registered Professional Forestry services to help you manage your private property. Our technical forestry services include:

  • Stand exams
  • Forest inventory
  • Cruising and marking
  • Timber Harvest Plans
  • Comprehensive management planning
  • California Environmental Quality Act Compliance

If you are interested in Technical Forestry Services, contact David Jaramillo at 530-628-4206 or by emailing david[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com.

Prescribed Fire Services:

Prescribed fire can be a cost-effective and ecologically beneficial management tool. The Watershed Center can help you with:

  • Burn planning
  • Smoke management planning
  • Broadcast burning
  • Pile burning

If you are interested in Prescribed Fire Services, contact David Jaramillo at 530-628-4206 or by emailing david[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com.

Field Crews:

Our well-trained and efficient crew of insured local sawyers and equipment operators can help you implement a wide range of land management practices including, but not limited to:

  • Hazardous fuels reduction and defensible space around homes
  • Brush cutting, piling, and burning
  • Pre-commercial thinning for timber production
  • Trail construction and maintenance
  • Habitat enhancement
  • Mechanical mastication
  • Tree and vineyard pruning and harvest

We provide our own saws, hand tools, and skid-steer brush mower/masticator. Our experienced and hard-working crew is capable of meeting your land management needs and expectations.

Contact our crew leader Chester Brown at 530-628-4206 for consultation and quotes.

Hayfork Youth Conservation Crew:

The Hayfork Youth Conservation Crew is available at affordable rates from June through mid-August and can perform services such as fence building and maintenance, trail and yard maintenance, weed management, and much more. The Youth Crew is staffed by 4-8 high school students and an adult crew supervisor.

To learn more about HYCC services, contact Tom at 530-628-4206 or by emailing tom[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com.

Botanical Management:

The South Fork Trinity River watershed is home to many sensitive, rare and endemic plants. Unfortunately, we also have many populations of noxious weeds. We work closely with the US Forest Service to provide support locating, documenting and monitoring plant populations. We offer botanical expertise such as integrated noxious weed management, rare and native plant identification and monitoring, and botanical restoration.

For information about botanical and noxious weed services, contact Josh at 530-628-4206 or by emailing josh[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com

Stream-based Services:

Our instream services include planning, monitoring, and instream restoration work. We offer various monitoring services including streamflow measurements, water quality assessments, stream temperature monitoring, and more. Our restoration services include wetland enhancement, riparian vegetation assessment, salmonid restoration projects, streambed alteration, and permitting.

For information about stream-based services contact Josh at 530-628-4206 or by emailing josh[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com

Domestic and Agricultural Water Services:

Our water systems services include stream diversion assessment and permitting, diversion flow rate monitoring, groundwater well monitoring, water storage planning, water conservation techniques, and more.

For information about water services contact Josh at 530-628-4206 or by emailing josh[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com.

Road Upgrade Services:

We can help landowners improve and maintain private roads using techniques that reduce maintenance needs, improve road conditions, and improve water quality. We conduct road inventories that help identify and catalog road erosion problems and then prescribe treatments to solve any problems. We have experience overseeing road upgrade treatments including culvert replacement, road reshaping, and road structure installation to control erosion.

For information about road upgrade services contact Josh at 530-628-4206 or by emailing josh[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com

Geospatial (GIS) Services:

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) services include:

  • Custom map production
  • Geospatial analysis
  • GIS modeling
  • Property mapping and planning

We have an extensive library of geospatial data including roads, streams, vegetation types, geology, and numerous years of aerial photographs.

Our Global Positioning System (GPS) services include:

  • Field data collection
  • Post processing and cleaning
  • Differential correction
  • Transformations to ensure accuracy and matching of GPS data and GIS mapping applications.

We utilize ESRI ArcMap GIS, Avenza PDF Mapper, GarminDNR, ArcPad, Pathfinder, and TerraSync platforms in our geospatial services. We also utilize a wide variety of GPS tools ranging from simple smart phone GPS mapping to state of the art geoprocessors that ensure 1-meter accuracy mapping.

If you are interested in our Geospatial Services, contact Cindy Buxton at 530-628-4206 or by emailing cbuxton[at]thewatershedcenter[dot]com