North Fork Community Power

The North Fork Community Power Forest Bioenergy Facility (NFCP) is one of the first forest-sourced biomass gasification plants in California.  Located in North Fork, California, the facility will utilize sustainably harvested materials from fuel reduction activities on forest lands. Use of these materials will support fuels reduction work by creating a profitable market for them, while also creating jobs, fostering industry, and providing renewable energy.

The NFCP, currently under construction, will serve as a demonstration facility under the North Fork Bioenergy Project (NFBP). This project will contribute to forest and economic health in many exciting ways:

A learning hub

Partners across multiple fields have come together to develop the NFBP project. As it develops, it is providing opportunities for research that will inform industry development and give academics, researchers, and land management practitioners a facility where they can learn together.

Laying the foundations of economic development

The successful implementation of this biomass facility will support the economy in North Fork and serve as a model for rural economies across the state.

Helping address California’s tree mortality blight

This project also helps address the tree mortality crisis in California. By creating an economic outlet to support forest health and remove sick trees, this project will have a significant impact on curbing the tree mortality crisis.


This North Fork Community Power Forest Bioenergy Facility is owned and operated through a public/private partnership between Phoenix Energy and the North Fork Community Development Council.  Other partners in development include UC Merced, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Yosemite-Sequoia RC&DC, TSS Consultants, and numerous other supporters. The Watershed Center is the fiscal and reporting sponsor for the project’s EPIC award, which provides funds for construction of and research on the power plant, and we are a 1% owner in NFCP.