We are leaders and co-founders of the California Forest Biomass Working Group (CA Forest BWG). The CA Forest BWG was founded to foster the development of biomass learning, development, policy, and economy in the state of California. Composed of a variety of wood energy interests, the CA Forest BWG represents a variety of organizations with diverse backgrounds that together represent the sole network of information distribution and data collection specific to forest biomass energy and use in California.

The CA Forest BWG acts as a brain trust and information clearinghouse for forest biomass opportunities and issues. Addressing wood energy policy, project opportunities and barriers, technology progress, funding opportunities and other relevant topics, the CA Forest BWG provides a forum for information sharing, innovation, and synergistic strategy development. By linking representatives from a variety of sectors including restoration, industry, academia, and policy, this collaboration supports forest biomass in a uniquely comprehensive way.

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If you are interested in attending a meeting or are interested in potential collaboration opportunities, contact our Biomass Utilization Program Manager Angie Lottes by email angie@thewatershedcenter.com or by calling the Watershed Center office: 530-628-4206