We Can Help You Care for Your Land

We offer a variety of services for local landowners ranging from work crews and forestry services to technical assistance and general support and communication. The world of planning, regulation and permitting is complicated, and it can be daunting entering into the fray. We can help you find the right option for your land and get you in contact with the right people, whether that be forestry, water use, agriculture or industry.

Our Services

Forestry, Planning, and Technical Assistance

Geospatial Services: GIS and GPS

Water, Land, and Road Services 

Invest in local youth by hiring our Hayfork Youth Conservation Crew

 The Watershed Center is committed to healthy lands and communities. Our work is done to high environmental standards, and we employ local people and pay living wages. By hiring us you are supporting the local economy and helping to care for our rural lands.

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