The Trinity Off-Highway Vehicle Trails Project (TOHV) is a multi-faceted project that supports environmentally friendly OHV recreation opportunities in Trinity County. TOHV develops recreation opportunities that foster tourism and local economic growth, supports sustainability through trail maintenance and restoration, and engages the community to promote safe and legal riding and gather valuable user input to inform project planning.

TOHV outreach work has included the creation of the Trinity OHV Trails website, the first online source of local OHV information in Trinity County, as well as the development of   user-friendly, downloadable OHV maps and an online interactive map housed on the site. Through the development of these resources we are able to showcase legal routes and offer information about environmentally sensitive areas.

In partnership with the US Forest Service, TOHV also implements ongoing surveys, maintenance and restoration of our local OHV road and trail system, helping countywide efforts to maintain key routes, prioritize needed restoration and maintenance work, identify environmentally sensitive areas, and inform long-term recreation development planning.

Visit the Trinity OHV Website

To learn more about this program or get involved, contact Tom at the Watershed Center Office 530-628-4206 or

The Trinity OHV Project is funded by the California State Park Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division and is made possible through partnership and collaborative effort with the US Forest Service.