Fire, fuels and forestry are at the core of The Watershed Center’s DNA.  Our first goal as an organization was to retrain forest and mill workers displaced by the Timber Wars to access new careers as ecosystem managers. This effort became the catalyst for a new vision of ecosystem management that addressed both human and environmental health, taking a holistic approach that advanced the practice of adaptive management through research, silviculture, sustained yield and ecological resilience.

We began our work innovating small timber harvest systems and conducting pre-commercial thinning. As we broadened our restoration activities, we realized early on that uncharacteristic wildfires were the primary threat to ecosystem health and community safety. Since then we’ve expanded our toolkit to encompass both forest thinning and pro-active fire management strategies, creating a forest resilience program that addresses the most vital forest health threats with the most ecologically appropriate, efficient and effective land management tools.


Today, our Fire, Fuels and Forestry program encompasses forest thinning, biomass removal, fire preparedness, fuels reduction, and prescribed fire. Wildfire continues to be the priority issue that guides our work, informing our efforts to restore degraded forests while also harvesting to meet human needs. In order to address this pressing threat to environment and community, prescribed fire has emerged as an essential method of prevention and restoration. Our program work engages landowners, practitioners, agency partners, and community members to build a foundation of forest and fire management that implements practical strategies informed by science, and recognizes the role culture, economy, and innovation play in achieving landscape scale restoration.

At The Watershed Center, we pride ourselves on being leaders in incorporating cutting-edge science and practice, on daring to take the risks that offer the best solutions, and on learning from every project to inform the next. We strive to be exceptional stewards of our forests.

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