Noxious weeds disrupt ecosystems and threaten the health of lands and forests by outcompeting native plants, altering natural fire processes, increasing fire fuels, contributing to erosion, and depleting watersheds. Our Noxious Weed Management Program is working to address the rampant spread of noxious weeds on public and private lands throughout Trinity County through hands-on restoration and weed removal, community engagement and outreach, and collaborative partnerships.

Working with local vegetation management specialists, local landowners and regional partners, the Watershed Center weed management team works strategically to monitor, assess, and treat priority noxious weed populations. Diffuse knapweed and scotch broom, are two top priority species for treatment. Scotch broom is found throughout Trinity County on private and public lands, where as diffuse knapweed is primarily found in the vicinity if South Fork Mountain. Left unchecked these populations pose an enormous ecological and economical threat. Our strategic treatment efforts offer the potential to control and eliminate their populations before they become overwhelming.

You can help!

Help support our vision of stopping the spread of noxious weeds within the South Fork Trinity Watershed by becoming a Weed Warrior. You can be a Weed Warrior by learning more about how to identify and remove noxious weeds, by volunteering at Watershed Center noxious weed removal days, signing up to be part of our volunteer program, helping to organize neighborhood weed removal, and by reporting noxious weed sites. Get involved by contacting Marie at 530-628-4206 or

Many thank yous to our Noxious Weed Management Partners!
Shasta-Trinity National Forest
Six Rivers National Forest
Trinity County Resource Conservation District
Trinity County Department of Agriculture
California Invasive Plants Council
Hoopa Tribal CCC/Americorps
National Forest Foundation