Tule Creek Forest Products (TCFP) is a wood venture owned and managed by The Watershed Center. Launched in 2015, TCFP currently produces and markets bundled firewood for commercial and retail markets locally, regionally, and across the Pacific Northwest.

TCFP supports forest health and reduces fire hazards by utilizing excess, diseased, downed or burned trees on public and private lands. By creating a marketable product for this material, we are helping to alleviate forest management barriers by making activities such as biomass removal and thinning more economically viable while supporting an all-lands approach to landscape management.

Located at our Hayfork Community Enterprise site, TCFP is the most recent in a series of wood products business subsidiaries. We plan to reinvest all profits in service to our core nonprofit mission to utilize active forest management and land stewardship to create jobs, foster local economic growth, and promote community wellbeing.