The Trinity County Business Incubator program is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in development, growth and expansion, and job creation in the heart of Trinity County. The Watershed Center spearheaded the planning, design and development of this 10,000 square foot facility in partnership with Trinity County, completing the project in 1999.  Today, the Watershed Center administers the facility on lease from Trinity County and offers business support, training, and business development consulting for start-ups and growing local businesses.

Located in Hayfork, the Trinity County Business Incubator is one of the few industrial spaces offering facilities and development space for aspiring businesses. The TCBI program provides low-cost facility rentals and business management support helping to encourage local economic development and create local jobs.

Currently the Trinity County Business Incubator is home to Trinity Mountain Products, a company that designs and manufactures wood fixtures for retail display utilizing both locally-sourced and specialty woods. Learn more about this business by visiting