Watershed Stewardship

The South Fork Trinity River Watershed

The Watershed Center is located in the heart of the South Fork Trinity River Watershed. This watershed, spanning nearly 1,000 square miles, is located in a world biodiversity hot spot, and is home to numerous endemic species. Widespread human impacts have taken a toll on this ecosystem and its inhabitants. This rich stretch of forest is comprised of 80% federal lands, and now houses four imperiled species– the Spotted Owl, the Pacific Fisher, and the Coho and Spring Chinook Salmon.

Watershed MapThe South Fork Trinity River, the longest undammed river in the state of California, cuts through the heart of this watershed. Designated as a Wild and Scenic River, it stretches from it’s headwaters in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness to its confluence with the mainstem Trinity River. It retains one of the last remaining populations of spring chinook salmon in all of California.

The South Fork Trinity Watershed holds vast potential for restoration and wild salmonid recovery. The bulk of our local watershed stewardship work occurs predominantly within the South Fork Trinity Watershed where we are diligently working to build resiliency in the landscape through restoration, monitoring, prescribed fire, collaboration and networking, and the ongoing development of innovative and adaptive strategies.