Friends Enjoying Ewing Trails Project


The Friends Enjoying Ewing Trails’ (FEET) mission is to create a mixed use trail system at Ewing Reservoir for hikers, bikers, and equestrian user groups. A popular destination for jogging, dog-walking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors, Ewing Reservoir is currently the most popular community outdoor space in Hayfork. The FEET project hopes to expand that popularity by building a trail system on lands surrounding the reservoir. This trail system has the potential to enrich the community of Hayfork by providing a recreational, economic and educational resource in a centrally located setting that showcases the beauty of Trinity County.

Currently in the design stage, The Watershed Center is partnering with the Bureau of Land Management, Trinity County Waterworks District #1 and local community stakeholder groups to develop this trail system utilizing the Trinity County Waterworks District #1 and BLM land adjacent to Ewing Reservoir. The trail system will be constructed and maintained under the direction of the Friends Enjoying Ewing Trails group, and will be supported through volunteer work efforts.

The initial phase of the project construction will be a single-track trail that winds through the oak woodlands, contouring above the reservoir and exploring the swales and hollows of the area. Future phases are anticipated to include upwards of 30 miles of  trails that traverse ridgelines, loop through forests and potentially even access the larger mountains and USFS lands to the north. We are excited to expand the trail system around this well-loved outdoor space, and we anticipate that this new trail system will offer new recreational opportunities that will be a draw to visitors and locals alike.


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Meet our Partners

Some of the supporting members of the Friends Enjoying Ewing Trails group are: