Trinity County offers unparalleled outdoor recreation experiences. Our mountains, rivers, lakes and forests offer something for everyone: from backcountry skiing in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, to strolls along river trails, world-class white water, hunting, fishing, wild-craft foraging and a growing network of sanctioned OHV trails for off-road enthusiasts. We partner with state and federal agencies, foundations and local groups to develop and promote recreation in Trinity County. Our ethic of environmental stewardship guides our recreation projects and every initiative we work on addresses long-term planning, maintenance, damage prevention, and economic development considerations. See our recreation initiatives below:

Trinity OHV Project

The Trinity Off-Highway Vehicle Trails Project (TOHV) supports environmentally friendly OHV recreation opportunities in Trinity County. TOHV develops new recreation opportunities that foster tourism and local economic growth, supports sustainability through trail maintenance and restoration, and engages the community to promote safe and legal riding and gather valuable user input to inform future projects. The Trinity OHV Project is funded by the California State Park Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division and is made possible through partnership and collaborative effort with the US Forest Service.

Visit the Trinity OHV Website to learn more about OHV recreation opportunities in the county and download our user-friendly OHV maps. TOHV also implements ongoing surveys, maintenance and restoration of our local OHV road and trail system. This work prioritizes needed restoration and maintenance work, identifies environmentally sensitive areas, and informs long-term recreation planning.

To learn more about this program or get involved, contact Tom at 530-628-4206 or tom[at]

Recreation Trail Maintenance

Click here for trail map.

The Watershed Center maintains nearly 40 miles of trails annually in the South Fork Trinity River Basin. Trail maintenance ensures that people have access to our public lands and is a vital component of ecosystem protection. Proper maintenance prevents soil erosion, environmental damage, and habitat destruction, and protects water quality, ecosystem health, and fish habitat—as well as improved user experiences! One example of these projects is the Friends Enjoying Ewing Trail (FEET) project.

The Field Crew, Hayfork Youth Conservation Crew and OHV programs all play a role in implementing trail maintenance. If you are interested in trail conditions, or want to report needed maintenance along a route in the South Fork Trinity River Basin trail system, contact Tom at 530-620-4206.