Hayfork Community Enterprise Project


The Hayfork Community Enterprise Project (HCEP) is an ambitious economic development project being lead by the Watershed Center. In 2015, The Watershed Center purchased a 54-acre parcel that formerly housed a lumber mill. This brownfield land, not utilized for decades, represented the only available industrial space in Hayfork. We are redeveloping this site into a multi-use space that will provide a location for businesses, entrepreneurs, and community projects.

Through careful design and land use planning, the HCEP will host industrial uses as well as agriculture, businesses, and pedestrian-oriented community spaces.

Aligning itself to the directives of local self-sufficiency and sustainability, the HCEP is an evolving effort designed to adapt and grow with changing economic climates and industries, providing an exciting opportunity to shape a future for Hayfork that is adaptive and resilient.

The HCEP currently houses three businesses: Tule Creek Forest Products; Double R; and Bread and Butter Portables.

View the HCEP Master Plan