South Fork Basin Stewards

The South Fork Basin Stewards (SFBS) Volunteer Program is the cornerstone of our volunteer and community outreach efforts. We believe that by engaging local community members to conduct volunteer restoration work we can educate and nurture an ethic of land stewardship in our community and our youth. The SFBS program creates opportunities for volunteers to learn more about the watershed where they live and to develop a deeper connection to the land.

South Fork Basin Stewards has also been an invaluable source of energy and restoration, helping us to grow multiple programs and expand our ability to conduct essential work when funding would have otherwise limited our reach. Over the years, our growing volunteer community has helped to provide support for restoration work such as wildlife habitat improvement, recreation enhancement, watershed health and restoration, and monitoring activities. Without their dedication and hard work, much of the vital work we have accomplished would have been impossible.

Volunteer With Us

Volunteer events are a great way to get out and see the great outdoors, meet new people, and learn about the rivers, forests, and mountains that are your public lands. We offer a variety of opportunities including noxious weed pulls, trespass grow site clean-ups, trail maintenance, recreation enhancement, riparian plantings, “splash 4 trash” creek cleanups, wetlands restoration, water and salmonid monitoring and much more.

If you want to learn more about volunteering with us, visit the Watershed Center events page for information about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating with us to create events, projects, or other learning and community outreach opportunities, contact Josh at the Watershed Center Office 530-628-4206 or email josh[at]