The Tule Creek Forest Products (TCFP) Crew operates the Watershed Center’s exciting new wood products venture. TCFP produces and markets firewood bundles that are the byproduct of forest restoration activities. Utilizing overly dense, diseased, downed or burned trees from public and private lands, TCFP creates a marketable product for this material, making restoration activities such as biomass removal and forest thinning economically viable. Also a valuable source of employment and local industry, TCFP is the realization of the Watershed Center’s long-term vision to revitalize our community through job creation, economic development, and land stewardship.

Our TCFP crew runs the firewood bundling facility, working to maximize efficiency and ensure products of the highest quality. Their goal is to continue expanding the TCFP enterprise to create more jobs, revitalize our local economy, and contribute to beneficial land management. They are committed to excellence and are a vital part of our mission to invest in resilient lands and thriving communities.

Located at our Hayfork Community Enterprise site, TCFP is the most recent in a series of wood products business subsidiaries. We plan to reinvest all profits in service to our core nonprofit mission utilizing active forest management and land stewardship to create jobs, foster local economic growth, and promote community wellbeing.

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