Robert C. Mountjoy – Board Chair

Bob has been a leader in community organizations since retiring to Hayfork after a career as an architect. He serves as the facilitator of the Hayfork Community Plan group and is active in the Trinity Fire Safe Council.

Arnold Whitridge – Secretary

Retired from the Natural Resources Division of the Trinity County Planning Department, Arnold brings his extensive background in fisheries restoration to the WRTC board. His experience in County Government (Arnold is a former County Supervisor) augments our ability to partner with various agencies to achieve our mission.

Dr. Yvonne Everett

Yvonne is a Professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Planning in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at Humboldt State University. She acts as principal investigator for several research projects and is internationally known for her expertise as a landscape ecologist and fire planner. Yvonne not only advises the WRTC in restoration matters, but also works to strengthen our connection to Humboldt State University and other educational institutions.

Dr. Cecilia Danks

Cecilia is a Professor of Environmental Policy-University of Vermont. With a PhD from UC Berkeley in forest sociology and policy, Cecilia is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council. Cecilia provides a social context to our restoration work, offering insights into the affects of public lands management on rural community’s economies and poverty levels.

Ben Letton

Ben is a Trinity County native now working for the State’s Regional Water Quality Control Board out of the Redding, CA office. He has an intimate working knowledge of the WRTC as he completed his Master’s degree while working with the WRTC to complete several large watershed projects, most notably the “Integrated Watershed Management Plan for Hayfork’s Municipal Watershed.” His current position with California State gives him insights into ways the WRTC can connect to strategic watershed projects and opportunities.

Tanya Sundberg

Tanya is a Hayfork resident that works remotely as a senior associate with PlaceWorks, a consulting firm based out of Berkeley, where she manages a variety of comprehensive and environmental planning projects. With a master’s degree in environmental planning from UC Berkeley, she has maintained a focus on rural planning issues throughout her academic and professional careers. Her background augments the organization’s knowledge base on land use and environmental planning topics.

Donna Harmon

Donna has been a Trinity County resident for thirty-one years, and brings with her a robust background in natural resource management and rural community relations, including ten years as a District Ranger on the South Fork Management Unit, extensive work within the Northwest Forest Plan arena, twelve years working with the Trinity and Shasta Resource Advisory committees, twenty years Land Surveying for the Forest Service, and nine years of oversight of Forest GIS operations and rights-of-way. Her extensive experience and working knowledge of Trinity County land management offer valuable insight and support to the Watershed Center’s efforts.

Sarah Aldinger

Sarah Aldinger was born in rural Mendocino County and raised in Hayfork, CA until she completed High School and went on to complete her Bachelors degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at UC Berkeley in 2000.  After a 10-year career in the performing arts arena in the San Francisco Bay Area, she returned home to Trinity County to pursue a Masters in Social Science in the interdisciplinary Environment and Community program at Humboldt State University. During her time at HSU (2011-2014), Sarah’s research focused on the social and ecological impacts of Cannabis cultivation in the Hayfork Valley region. The interdisciplinary nature of her study, the qualitative and collaborative nature of her field work, combined with a genuine interest and applied experience in local culture and community initiatives make Sarah a valuable asset to the Watershed Center.